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Hi everyone, 


Welcome to Tuesday's home learning! Well done for getting on with everything yesterday and I hope you are all ready for another jam packed day of learning. 


I was thinking yesterday and I think one of the hardest things to do is to motivate yourself. Trying to find the energy to go and exercise, learn a language or even just get on with school work. Motivating yourself is one of the biggest challenges people face. I can imagine that during this time you have had days where you think "I'm not going to be able to do this" or "I can't really be bothered" (because I have too). I think it is important over the next few weeks to really knuckle down and start believing that you can do anything. No children have gone through this before and you are all coping very well. The best thing about it is that it is TOUGH and when things are tough we learn more quickly. So keep having a GROWTH MINDSET. "Keep trying and failing because every failure is a step closer to the right answer" (someone famous said this but I don't remember who) Try to keep your spirits high and keep working your socks off! 


A good idea might be to set goals that you want to achieve. Try it today (I will too). Write a list of things you want to achieve by the end of the day. 3 targets is enough and I definitely wouldn't try and set more that 5. Make the targets achievable (I would like to fly to mars, but I'm not sure that's achievable by the end of the day!!!!!) One of my targets might be to finish the book I am reading or cook a new recipe for dinner. 


Your targets might be; Read two pages of my book, exercise for at least 15 minutes, help mum and dad with a chore, complete my home school learning, complete a task on Mymaths or sumdog, bake something, write a story. build something... 


The most important thing is not to EXPECT rewards for completing these tasks but feel a sense of PERSONAL REWARD for achieving them (you never know there still might be a reward). Also, if you don't achieve the target think about why? Maybe you had to do something else or you needed some more time. The best thing is you can chip away at the target and it might take 2 or 3 tries. For example, If I set a target of "finishing the book I am reading" I won't expect to do this in one sitting. I will revisit it 2, 3 times a day and read a couple of pages, so this particular target may take a week. So make sure you factor this in!


Anyway, that's enough for one day! Keep up the great work, set some goals, keep trying your best AND BE TOUGH!!! 




Mr Smith smiley