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Hi everyone, 


Welcome to Tuesday's learning! I hope you all had a good start to the week. We have started a new bird list with the year 1 bubble today and managed to see a range of our feathered friends including a Buzzard and a Robin. Check your garden today and count how many birds visit. You don't have to identify them just seeing how many visit in a 10 minute period would be interesting. Then put out some food and see if more visit over the next 10 minutes. A word of advice, if you are putting out bread make sure it is slightly wet and not too dry as this doesn't react well in the birds tummys. I usually wet the bread with water then put it out. If you have a bird feeder or bird table EVEN BETTER! If not perhaps this could be a challenge for you and your parents to try and build or make one? Also my sister has had some hedgehogs visiting her garden at night and she has been putting out food for them. If your parents stay up late maybe they could see if they can entice any spikey hedgehogs into the garden. 


All the links for today's learning are on the previous page. Have a great day bird watching and I'd love to see if any of you can make a bird feeder, bird table or even a bird bath (just a bowl with water in would be great in this heat). 



Mr Smith smiley