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Morning year 2 team I hope you are all feeling ready to learn! If you are not then maybe try something different to start your day. This might be being active before you start - 5 minutes of physical activity can make a massive difference to my mood and my mindset. For some people, this approach may not work so you may have to try quieting and relaxing your mind with some meditation or relaxing colouring to music. Others may just get up and get started, we are all different so try different approaches to your work somethings that work for some people don't work for others!


The lessons are on the weekly planning sheet on the previous page. I have attached the link for English as I noticed it was the same link as today 


I have also attached a video of the summer solstice at Stonehenge from last year. Has anyone been before? Is it a place you would like to go? I went 2 years a go and it was great. 


Maybe you could research where it is? How far away it is? How did the stones get there? What is a "henge"? 


Enjoy your learning and have a positive day! 




Mr Smith smiley