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Wednesday handwriting

Morning everyone, 


Welcome to Wednesday's learning as always the learning is attached. How did you get on with filling in the four times tables? Today I'd like you to try the 3 times table using the same table. 


1 3 3
2 3  
  3 9
4 3  
  3 15
6 3  
7 3  
  3 24
8 3  
  3 30


Can you fill in the gaps? Try and talk about what you notice about the 3 times table. 


If you get a chance today why not try and think of an invention. All week the key worker children have been looking at famous inventors and I thought you could try the same. What does the world need? What would make a difference or make things easier? WHAT COULD YOU INVENT???? 


Have a good day and remember to be active!! 




Mr Smith smiley