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Morning everyone, 


What a wet end to the day it was yesterday! I'm hoping the good weather returns over the summer holidays. I was busy getting our new classroom ready yesterday and moving some things over from year 2 up to year 3. It got me thinking... what would you like our classroom to look like? What suggestions do you have? What colours could the walls be? Do you have an ideas for the reading corner? I'd be keen to hear your thoughts - what improvements could we make from last year? 


Enjoy today's learning and try and challenge yourself to BE THE BEST! As always if you are feeling a little bit tired maybe start the day with some exercise - we played tennis and did some running yesterday as the year 1's seemed a bit sleepy. IT WORKED! Then we ended the day with some relaxing stories which helped the children resettle. Find what works for you! 


Have a productive day, (first job is find out what productive means!) 


Mr Smith smiley

P.S. Hopefully you all got the Zoom call invitation! This will be an awards ceremony so please make sure you are dressed for the occasion. There will be lots of awards and it will be good fun so please try and attend at 1.30pm on Thursday! If you are in school you will be on my screen.