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Wednesday 25th March

It's WEDNESDAY! Good Morning year 2. This weather is fantastic so make sure you get some time in the garden if you can. Today I would like to you have a look at what 3D shapes you can find around the house then record them in your book. Can you find any weird and wonderful ones? Which item has the most faces? 


In English let's look at expanded noun phrases. Maybe explain to parents what one is then follow the ideas on the plan below. 


In the afternoon get creative and make a spring picture in any way you wish! Drawing, collage, painting etc. 


Enjoy the day and stay safe, 


Mr Smith. 






9am: Why not try some cosmic yoga this time? Just type Cosmic Yoga into youtube and choose one of the stories.    


10am-12pm: Maths and English activities



L.O: I can find 3D shapes.


Look around your house for 3D shapes make a list of the objects and see if you know the name of the 3D shape. How many 3D shapes are there in one of your cupboards or one of your toy boxes?


Object                            3D Shape

Cereal box                     cuboid   


What does 3D stand for?

How many faces and corners do the shapes have?



L.O: I can write an expanded noun phrase.


This is a sentence with 2 adjectives that describe a noun.


e.g. “The gigantic, slippery slide”


Write 5 expanded noun phrases for the following nouns:

  1. Ghost              2. House               3. Ocean               4. Roller-coaster        5. Lion






1-3pm: Creative afternoons:


Paint, draw or create a SPRING scene.


Before you start think about what comes to your mind when you think of Spring?

Make a list of the things then create a piece of art.