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Wednesday 29th April

Morning guys, 


The weather has changed a lot over the past few days. Why do you think it is important we have some rain now after all that sun? What might it be useful for? With this in mind how are your plants getting on? I would love to see some pictures if it is still alive!


In maths today we are using different operations to solve length problems. Follow the online lesson  


In English we are having a go at planning our own story about castles, knights and dragons. Use a story mountain to plan the beginning, middle and end of your story. Make sure your beginning introduces the characters and the setting. The middle is when the characters need to face a problem or challenge and the end is where the characters either solve the problem or you could leave it on a cliff-hanger. Hmmm what is a cliffhanger maybe you parents could explain this. Sometimes stories don’t have to end “happily ever after“.   



How did you get on with the speed bounce yesterday? My score was 35 and I got very tired and quite dizzy at the end. How did you do? Today try to design a home fitness workout that includes 3-5 stations. If you can't think of any exercises here are some that you could include; Press-ups, lunges, star-jumps, sqauts, sit-ups. Spend 30 seconds performing each exercise then rest for 30 seconds and perhaps go around the circuit 3 times. Each circuit should take 5 minute so if you do it 3 times how many minutes will this be? 


Well that's a lot of stuff to keep you busy today. Try and get outside if you can at some point for some fresh air, otherwise keep busy and have a lovely day. 



Mr Smith smiley