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Good morning everyone... 


All of your parents should've received an email inviting you all to a virtual class meeting on "Zoom". I know some of you have been having video calls with friends and family so hopefully most, if not all of you are able to access the meeting. Your parents have the ID and password so at 12.00pm when the meeting starts you will need this, they must also be in the room with you. I'm very excited to see you all and we can TRY to have a chat. 


Below is today's maths and English/history:


L.O: I can find related facts.  

Maths: Follow the link to access the White Rose maths lesson. Today you will be looking at related facts. 

English: L.O: I can plan a diary entry.  
 Imagine you were a child around the time of Victory in Europe day. Think about your senses – how would you feel? What would you see and experience? Would it be a sad or happy time? Would it be a time to reflect and think about how terrible the war was or would you just be happy it was over?  
How to plan a diary entry- have a look at some examples of Ann Franks diary:  Top of the page: the date Key features: dear diary, first person, talk about experiences and feelings. Predict what might happen. Use emotive language.  


Good luck and I hope you can all access the zoom meeting later. If you can't attend this one then I will set up another one soon so don't feel like you are missing out. 


Cheers Mr Smith smiley