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Hi guys, 


I hope you all managed to get on with Tuesday's work ok. I did receive some pieces of work but they all said my letter was, well, RUBBISH! 


I have taken some time to read through my letter again and your fantastic feedback has made me realise i did make SOME mistakes! Thanks for your help with this, I've attached some of your feedback below. It also appears that Freddie was laughing out loud at my letter and Beth wants to "Tell me some things" about my letter on the podcast!!! (I'm worried)  


Today I'd like you to have a go at the BBC Bitesize maths lesson and then tackle the English for the morning and then try the BBC Bitesize afternoon lesson or set up your own P.E session. I have also attached the letters for the English task. If you can't print the letters don't worry just read them or find your own examples. 




Mr Smith smiley

Responses to my "not-so-amazing" letter!