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Hey everyone, 


Welcome to Wednesday! Let's start this morning with active session. If you can find some space try and think of some movements and exercises you can do. You will need to choose 5 exercises. On your first go you will work at 50% so don't put all your energy into it just slowly go through the exercises for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds. The second time take the intensity up to 75% so slightly faster and more repetitions. Rest again for 30 seconds. Finally, go at 100% put everything you have into the exercises. How did it feel? Was it harder at 100%? Did you prefer how you felt during the 50% section? 


How did the goal setting go yesterday? Did you achieve any of your goals? Are there some that your working towards by the end of the week? I didn't manage to finish my book but I did cook a Sea Bass for the first time (it was pretty easy to be honest. I think I need a more challenging goal than cooking a sea bass haha). Anyway how did your goals go? 


Good luck with today's learning I hope some of you managed to have a go at the game Beth recommended. If anyone else has found anything worth sharing then please do not hesitate to let me know and I can share it on the class page. 


Have a great day, 


Mr Smith.