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Week 2

Quote of the week: 


"He took the best shortcut you can. The only shortcut that's good. The only short cut that works. And that's kindness" 



Hi all, 


I have decided to upload the whole weeks worth of activities for the children. I will still check in every day with a message and put it on the website. Doing it this way will mean you can look ahead and see what is happening on each day. I will remind you that the timetable is flexible but it is useful to make the children aware of the timetable as they do enjoy some structure. 


The podcast has been a great success so far and a few more parents have contacted me to get involved. Please if you know of anyone in the class or school who you think might be interested in appearing on the show drop them a message and get them to email 


Please keep checking the website for updates and the school twitter page for other ideas.


Thank you all again for your continued support and great commitment to your child's education!


Cheers and stay safe, 


Mr Smith smiley