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Week 3 Topics


Make a treasure map! You will need to do this activity with an adult.

You will need tea  to stain a white paper, leave it to dry and then draw your map onto the stained paper.

Hide treasure (toy, chocolate, sweets) in your house or garden. Give the map to someone in your family to follow, and remember to mark an 'X' for the hidden treasure!


There is a video below to show how you can make paper look old. To make yours like like a treasure map you can tear the sides and scrunch up the paper. Remember you will need to work with an adult for this activity.


Treasure map

How to Stain Paper with Tea Bags

Scavenger hunt around the house

Scavenger hunt


We understand that under the current situation it may be difficult to get all the ingredients. This is just an idea if you would like to try.


Easy to make short bread biscuits or you can share your own biscuit recipes that you have made with us.