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Week 4 (w/c 22nd June)


Design your own board game


I would like you to design your own board game. You can then make it if you would like to. 

Can you write the rules for your board game? 


Hint: Use a simple game and change it to make it your own version. 


Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores 


You are going to learn about what different animals eat. 


  1. Work through the PowerPoint (with an adult if possible) 
  2. Use the worksheet to sort the animals into their different categories (you can print this or record it in your own way) 


Robin Hood 


It was believed that Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest and would have lived in a camp with a fire and tents. Have a look at the picture below and think about the story you watched in week 2. 


Create your own Robin Hood camp (This could be: outside, inside, using sheets and pretend fire, drawing a picture, junk modelling or play dough)