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Week 3 summer - 4th May



"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light" 


Good morning year 2. May the fourth be with you! 


This week would've been a 4 day working week with bank holiday on Friday. With this in mind you only have 4 days of school work to get stuck into! First of all let's start with a challenge... 


All these words can have the same word put at the end of them to make a new word or phrase - what is the word?


time ______          dinner ________               round ____________


letter _____           chocolate ______             cardboard _______


For these ones you need to put a word in front or behind... 


_____ yard                _______ animal                       _______ shop 


tooth_______            basil ________                      sweeping _________


Onto today, I have attached the weekly timetable and there is lots on their to check out. In maths today you will be recognising fact families. We are combining English and History and I would like you to look at VE day and find out what it was/is. Don't forget to exercise and keep fit and healthy - I challenge you to see how long you can perform a wall sit for. Basically, sit against a wall as if you are sitting on an invisible chair with your back against the wall and legs at a right angle! Good luck. 


Have a great day everyone and keep sending in your great work! 


Stay safe, 


Mr Smith. 


P.S. i got a new 10km RUN personal best on saturday!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! smiley