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Week 5 (w/c 29th June)


High and Low


Watch the clip below to learn about how you can change your voice and sing high and low. 

Can you make your own "High and Low" song or learn the song on the clip? 

The Music Show Episode #4: We're Gonna Sing High, Low, and in the Middle


Animal Categories 


This week, you are going to look at how you can sort different animals into different groups. 


  1. Work through the PowerPoint (with an adult if possible) 
  2. Complete  the worksheet and sort the animals (this can be printed or recorded in your own way) 


Sherwood Forest 


Researcher!! I would like you to find 5 facts about Sherwood Forest. 

To help you start, I have given you some questions to find the answers to:

  1. Where is Sherwood Forest? 
  2. How big is Sherwood Forest?
  3. Who lived in Sherwood Forest?


Now find 2 more facts!