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Richard Hill Church of England Primary School

Richard Hill Church of England Primary School

Positive Learning Commitment

It is our mission that at Richard Hill every child is respected and that they are made to feel welcome. Our 3 school rules of Ready, Respectful, Safe mean that our children are safe, listened to, forgiven and most importantly given every chance to improve their behavioural choices. We offer a second chance to all pupils and the next day at Richard Hill is always a fresh start with a plan in place.

We provide a holistic approach to create an environment where children are given the opportunity to make the right choices. This starts with the attitude and understanding of our expert staff who work tirelessly in building relationships so that the children feel supported even in the most challenging situations.

Children at Richard Hill are encouraged to take ownership of their own behaviour and have the opportunity to achieve numerous rewards and incentives. This is accomplished through our classroom Dojo point systems and the promotion of our three school rules “Ready, Respectful, Safe.”

We have a shared vocabulary and definitions around the Learning Behaviours that we are developing all the time. These learning behaviours also include our Fruits of the Spirit to further support our schools Christian Ethos. 

If you would like to find out more please have a look at our policy below.