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Year 4

Welcome to the Frida Kahlo class page

Home learning

Hello and welcome to the Frida Kahlo class webpage. This will be the main area to find daily learning update from me Mr.Burnett during the school closure period.


Week 8

Hello! I hope everyone had a great break last week and enjoyed some of the lovely weather we were so lucky to have!


This week is going to be a bit different for some people and exactly the same for others. As I am sure lots of you know things are changing a bit at school this week, however as a year group we as a year 4 class are not coming back to school just yet. I know :( this is not the best news for many of us, however it is to keep us all safe and well, as hard as that is to remember sometimes we need to try. I know home learning is far from the easiest thing for any of us but I also know that you are all trying your best and doing an amazing job at the same time! Also the steps taking places at school this week are hopefully a start on the road to having everyone back in school at some point in the future.


In terms of the online resources I will be doing my best to keep these interesting, fun and educational. I will also be in contact with you all a bit more over this or the coming weeks with some phone calls and organising some face to face video calls. If any one does need to get in contact or need specific help with anything do get in contact with the school via email or over the phone and I will do my best to support everyone as best as I can.


I hope you are all keeping safe and looking after each other and your families. 

Please remember all the additional things you could be doing alongside the learning and activities that I put up on the website. Such as; reading, Sumdog, TTRS, My Maths, diary writing, learning new skills (may be baking, gardening or arts and craft skills), practicing different sports and loads more! I know you are all doing a fantastic job in your learning, keep it all up Year 4. 


If anyone is having difficulty with gaining online access regularly and would like more paperwork packs, or if you would just like these as an additional option to the work going up on here then please let me know by contacting the school office and then I can put these together and work out getting them out or you collecting them from school.


Have a fantastic week,

Mr. Burnett


Online Learning Websites and Resources


Please find below a list of websites that contain a variety of different learning resources, videos, games, activities, worksheets etc. That you may find useful over the Easter holidays and coming months. Most of these sites have free materials but some may require you to sign up or register for them which will require an email address also NOT all content on all websites is free. As ever, please make sure that there is appropriate adult supervision of any online use, especially when using sites for the first time, registering/signing up and downloading apps.


Websites - twinkl are currently providing a lots of there normally paid for material for free and the have created a ‘home learning hub’ with a schedule of different activites everyday, there is a good variety of online and printable materials. - similar to twinkl classroom secrets has made a lot of it’s material free to use at the moment and they have also created a timetable for daily activities, this link it to some Easter holiday based activity suggestions. - teacher’s pet have also made a limited number of resources and downloads available for free, if you have access to a printer some of the activity packs are a good option. - some good free games and other materials. - some good free games and other materials. variety of online content. variety of online content. - great for science! - filled with science experiments to try! - master your times tables! - easy to use! plus games! - free maths games - great for playing with an adult - search for topics to learn!



E-Safety Page


At this time when children and families may be finding they are spending more time online we have compiled some information and advice on staying safe online. Please go to our E-Safety page for more information.

Take care and stay safe everyone,

Mr. Burnett

Letter regarding home learning

Home-school Learning