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Year 5

Welcome to the Katerine Johnson class page

Back at school!

Hello and welcome to the Katherine Johnson class webpage. 


We are back! It has been great to see so many familiar faces back at school this term, and in person rather than just via computer screens! 


Our new class name is Katherine Johnson, we are starting our English work this term by find out about her and writing Biographies. In Math's we are starting by recapping and developing our knowledge of place value. And our topic theme is going to be stargazers! 


Please see the presentation below for a bit more information about what will be happening in Year 5. Please watch the presentation as a slide show as I have recorded my voice over slides to explain them a bit more and I know you wouldn't want to miss out on that!

Homework Week 3

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Week 3 Spelling Homework Quiz

Homework Week 2

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Week 1 Homework

Online Learning Websites and Resources - Some Summer Holiday Activities and Ideas


For those who may wish to continue with some home learning or some education based activities during the summer holiday please find below a list of websites that contain a variety of different learning resources, videos, games, activities, worksheets etc. Most of these sites have free materials but some may require you to sign up or register for them which will require an email address also NOT all content on all websites is free. As ever, please make sure that there is appropriate adult supervision of any online use, especially when using sites for the first time, registering/signing up and downloading apps.


Please note you DO NOT have to do these. It is very important to let your brains take a rest over the holidays, enjoy time to play, especially play outside. We have all probably spent a bit more time than we would like to in front of tablets, computer screens and T.V.'s to help us with our learning over the last few months. Make the most of some time away from this over the summer to hopefully enjoy some nice weather, more relaxed time with family and friends so that you are re-energised and ready to go with some new learning at the end of August in Year 5!


Websites - a variety of book based reading, drawing and writing activities, regularly added to and updated. - similar to twinkl classroom secrets has made a lot of it’s material free to use at the moment and they have also created a timetable for daily activities, this link it to some Easter holiday based activity suggestions. - teacher’s pet have also made a limited number of resources and downloads available for free, if you have access to a printer some of the activity packs are a good option. - a good way to practice our times tables, which will hopefully be great by Year 5! - following from our learning with Trash Hero's here is some more information and activities related to reduce, reuse and recycle. - some ideas for healthy recipes and activities to have a go at making or cooking over the break. - some ideas for gardening and nature activities to help get us outside and helping nature. - a science based game, a little easy for us probably, but still fun and educational. - some lego based activities, scroll down on this page to Primary activities and pick something to try. - some good free games and other materials. - some good free games and other materials. variety of online content. variety of online content. - great for science! - filled with science experiments to try! - master your times tables! - easy to use! plus games! - free maths games - great for playing with an adult - search for topics to learn!



Home-school Learning