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Year 5

Thank you for visiting Michael Jordan class page

Dear all,


I hope that you have received an exercise book with your passwords in for mymaths and PIXL as well as a letter from me outlining the coming weeks and a learning pack in case internet access is difficult. I have attached the letter below in the remote learning section in case this has been misplaced!


I will attach any relevant documents that I think will be useful in the coming weeks that reference to particular websites/tasks. Please regularly check here for new ideas.


Monday-Friday I will upload English and Maths possible activities for that particular day. For other times in the day I would suggest:


Physical Activity

Every day, aim to keep active! Start the day with PE with Joe – At other times, get out into the garden, create a circuit, do some football drills, spend time on go noodle, use the resources on our web page which have links to different websites to keep active at home.  Challenge yourself to do a bit every day and set yourself a goal for the next day.

Reading for pleasure.

Read, read read! Enjoy spending some time reading. If the sun is shining, why not read outside?

If there is a copy available – continue with reading our novel Cosmic. Or it may be useful to join Leicestershire Libraries Digital Services and start using BorrowBox to search for eBooks and audiobooks.

Many websites are providing free resources. Check out the webpage links under the remote learning resources heading as well as:   who are providing free children’s books.

Oxford owl

World Book Online



Over the weeks, I will upload a few topic and science activities that could be followed at home and/or researched about.


All of the tasks/resources that I post are some ideas of what we would have been doing at school. However, some other ideas that may be relevant are:

  • Some free writing now and then. Maybe keeping a journal of a activities during that day, drawing a comic etc. 
  • Practical hands on maths. Maybe via cooking, cleaning, outside or some maths games.
  • Some fine motor work - including some practise on handwriting.
  • Physical activity everyday
  • Some art/music where possible during the week 
  • A stretch goal....start a project! Research something that you are interested in and put together a piece of writing or presentation to show the family what you have learnt. 


I am here to support you all - parents and children, so please email the office if I can be of assistance with anything at all.


Year 5 – I am very proud of all you have achieved so far this year; please ask me any questions that you have – remember we are a TEAM! 


Remember - keep checking here for updates. smiley


Stay safe,

Mrs Walton

Indoor options

Indoor options 1

Friday 3rd April


Activity 1: Play fraction snap! Cut out the cards (or rewrite them if you cannot print) and see if you can match the equivalent fractions. If you are doing this on your own then shuffle the cards, place them face down and see if you can match them – if you find a matching pair put them to the side, if not put the cards back down and pick another card up – this is a test of your memory skills!

Activity 2: Try out fraction jigsaw – these will need to be cut out and then see if you can put equivalent fractions side by side to make a shape. What shape does it make once finished?

Maths documents are below - take care though as the answer sheet to the jigsaw is at the end of the document. yes




Follow the PowerPoint that focuses on step 3: using commas for parenthesis, and discuss the activities. Complete the tasks associated with this.

Use the task 2 sheet as extra practice – please decide which challenge you would like to have a go at. The three star sheet is the challenge 3 equivalent with one star being challenge 1. Challenge 3 being the harder task.

The English documents will be sent via parent pay.



As an alternative or extra this week try another kahoot about our novel Cosmic – even if you haven’t read any further since we last read at school you will be able to answer most of these questions! Have fun!

Thursday 2nd April



Use the PowerPoint as a tool for discussing reasoning and problem solving questions and then complete the questions. As yesterday, they progressively get harder and the answers are at the back.



Follow the PowerPoint that focuses on step 3: using dashes for parenthesis, and discuss the activities. Complete the tasks associated with this.


All documents for maths and English will be emailed out via the office.


Please take some time to read for pleasure and enjoy having the time to get totally immersed in your books smiley

Wednesday 1st April



Use the PowerPoint as a teaching tool as fluency type questions associated with equivalent fractions and answer the fluency questions. As before they progressively get harder and answers are at the back of the document – please find all resources in the documents.



Follow the PowerPoint that focuses on step 2: using brackets for parenthesis, and discuss the activities. Complete the tasks associated with this – these are in the documents.


Tuesday 31st March



Watch the videos about patterns for finding equivalent fractions:

After watching these videos test your knowledge with kahoot and follow this link:

Note: If you have not used kahoot before, you can sign in as a guest or create your own log in. Use the link above to take you to the correct quiz. I have attached in the documents a starter guide. You will need two screens for this – one as the host and another (which could be another laptop/computer/tablet or phone) as the player. There is an app to download if on a tablet or phone.




This week we are looking at parenthesis.

Today watch the videos that tell you about parenthesis.

Follow the PowerPoint that focuses on step 1: identifying parenthesis, and discuss the activities. Complete the tasks associated with this which are found in the documents. 


Good morning everyone!


I do hope that you enjoyed the sunshine last week. Please feel free to send me any work to look at via the school office. I have already seen some fantastic stories from Daniel, Josh and Rahul. smiley Please keep sending them in! 


Keep up lots of physical activity this week and keep your morning routine going with PE at 9am with Joe!


Monday 30th March


Maths:  this week will be on equivalent fractions.

Watch the video – there are parts of this which are not needed, so please watch from 2 minutes to 6:35 minutes and carry out the activity that is shown in the video. This is a great way to make a fraction kit and start to build a conceptual understanding of equivalent fractions.


Complete the fraction kit sheet in the documents once the fraction wall has been made.


If you do not have different coloured paper, you can colour in strips to show the difference in denominators or use different coloured pens to mark the fractions. Adapt as you need to.


There is an interactive fraction wall on if this is more convenient.


For further work on fraction walls see the documents section for task two.






To complete PIXL reading comprehension with questions and answers – this will be emailed via parent pay.



Please refer to the topic section on this web page and start thinking about drafting and writing a persuasive piece of writing on whether Laika - the dog - should of been sent to space or not. Remember to back up your points with evidence!




Topic activities for week commencing 23rd March and week commencing 30th March:


Recently,  we have been looking at the second attempt of the Space Race where Laika the dog was sent into space. Write pros and cons about whether you agree or disagree with a dog being sent into space. Start thinking about how you would debate one side of this argument and then write a persuasive piece of writing to answer the question, "Should Laika have been sent into space on Sputnick 2?"

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